Event Consulting

Our consulting services will help you create a successful event.

Our consulting services for events perfect fit for anyone who needs a well developed plan for organizing any type of event, corporate or private. Our services also include guidance staff for organizing corporate events company or guidance for people who want to organize their own private event. Events by Sabrina will create a personalized plan, a comprehensive design and implementation strategy for the event, so that you can benefit from our services. Advice and recommendations to help you manage every element in your event.

Our services include:

• Event Evaluation (assessing needs, defining objectives)

• Pre-event marketing (definition lists participants RSVP Tips - demands answers, and logistics for sending invitations)

• Evaluation of the budget (budget review presented to identify potential problems)

• Event Agenda (oversight and review activities and the event's deadline)

• Selecting the location (guidance and suggestions on proper location of your event)

• Plans and models for the design location (advice on setting the location where the event will take place, so that she will be the desired result)

• Risk management (emergency procedures, contingency plans)

• Logistics and Operations for the event (obtaining licenses and permits to organize the event)

• Solutions audio / visual (plan options and advice on the best audio / video)

• Catering and food (indications for menu options and drawing program serving dishes)

• Entertainment (suggestions for suitable entertainment moments of your event)

Design / Theme

A common theme of turning an event into a spectacular one!

Themed events are the special events industry. Adding a theme is a great way to kick off the fun in the any type of corporate or private event, and when combined with fun activities and entertainment talent is definitely one of the easiest ways to create an experience memorable. A key element to a successful event theme is a great theme decor. Wide variety of options for thematic decors Events by Sabrina agency allows you to create the perfect event with us!

I prefer a relaxed theme, casual games and animation? Surely you chooses one of these topics:

• Carnival Party - a special opportunity to create mystery, elegance and fun in an event, the masks and costumes chosen with care and imagination

• Tropical Party - Invitations should not go to Tahiti for a taste of tropical paradise. We make it here!

• Party Hats - dramatic transformation of a team-building used in one particular through innovative activity: creating their own party hats and evening wear!

Need a party theme to include more entertainment and interesting activities? Choose one of the topics below:

• Las Vegas Casino Night - Excitement is in the cards with this great way to host a corporate team-building event

• Winter Wonderland - red, blue, white and silver decor ... a common theme of elegance for party Christmas

• Green Garden - A wonderful spring event, after which guests can take home flower pots that were planted

• Oktoberfest - Munich's most famous festival comes to you at any time of year

• 50s Rock n Roll - Special costumes and music will create classic Rock and Roll dance competitions between participants in the event

• Wild West Party - An ideal theme to induce fun with American western cowboy style

Together ... or we can create a themed event. We can work on your ideas or we can suggest a suitable option list your company or person. We rely on innovation, creativity, and the special attention we pay to details. When choosing Events by Sabrina for an event with custom themes you can expect an event that exceeds your imagination!


We believe in producing memorable events! Our strengths are creativity, innovation and attention to detail. Whether you need a company with the experience and knowledge to produce a big event, custom, or planning to create a memorable event, exclusively for VIPs Events by Sabrina can manage the time-consuming details for you. Our services are comprehensive and highly personalized.

We believe in integrity, ethics and honesty, as the pillars of our business. We focus on our clients' event objectives and designing custom events to achieve these objectives. In this way, each event we create is unique. Events by Sabrina coordinators work closely with clients throughout the planning process so that they are always informed about the status of their event. We are aware of the budget so that our customers have nothing to worry about as they have long list of additional costs, during the planning of the event progresses. Our involvement in each phase of the project helps to ensure our clients' needs and decisions are you overlooked. Excellent service to our clients is a key factor in our success and effectiveness.

Audio/ Visual/ Multimedia

Professional lighting, sound, stage and multi-media services

Lighting, sound and multi-media presentations are often the first items that can go wrong at a special event. Microphones are not turned on when it should be, which converts speech sounds strident or PowerPoint presentations crashes, the music stops during the party, they are common technical error that may occur in an event ... and you might make you wonder why you hate technology gods so much!

Fortunately, Events by Sabrina works with the most experienced providers audio / video from Romania. The technical problems are resolved well before opening the doors to guests. Whether you need a simple sound system for background music, a DJ or a complete graphic design and multimedia production services to create an audio-video presentation exuberant, your special event will be held in excellent conditions.


A wide range of options for the menu - from appetizers, to extravagant dinners

Food and drinks they serve at a special event are some of the most important elements for success. Hungry guests are happy. If for personal reasons (I'm vegetarian dieting, etc) will not eat from dishes served at the event, they will remain under the impression that the whole event was unsuccessful. So you have to make sure you have a menu to satisfy a variety of tastes and appetites, and also to ensure that you have enough for everyone.

Events Event Coordinators by Sabrina offers customers a wide range of catering options - from appetizers, buffet Swedish, whom extravagant or special menus for private events. We will consult with you to create the perfect menu. Whether you want to plan a menu to suit a particular event or you want to offer the hottest dishes of the moment or you want to impress guests, Events by Sabrina offers perfect solutions. We will also ensure that your guests have many options such as vegetarian or traditional food. We believe that our excellent relationships are very important that we have with local catering companies, with hotels and restaurants to ensure that guests will remember your event special as an excellent delicious moment!